Families Give Back Fundraising Campaign

When donating please type the name of your child’s school in the comments box so they get credit for your donation. Thank you!!

The Vail community is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise children. Vail’s children are blessed with great teachers, outstanding schools, and a supportive community. However, challenges do exist. Resources are limited, and therefore opportunities are limited.

The Vail School District Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that exists to expand the positive opportunities and experiences in the Vail School District.

So far in the 2019-2020 school year the Foundation has supported the following programs!

Civano Community School – $900.00

14th Annual SunnyVail Transition Conference – $1,000.00

Gifted Program at Old Vail Middle School – $1,000.00

Vail School District Custodial Department – $350.00

First Grade Literacy at Desert Willow – $494.00

School Economy at Desert Willow – $500.00

8th Grade Backpacking Trip at Civano – $1,000.00

Literacy Skills at Old Vail Middle School – $550.00

Vail Youth Symphony – $500.00

Vail NJROTC – $1,000.00

Cienega Top Cat Rewards – $600.00

7th Grade Social Studies at OVMS – $369.00

1st Grade Literacy at Acacia – $300.00

SWAT Peer Mediation at Empire High School – $1,000.00

VEX Competition Expansion for Raven Robotics – $1000.00

Gaga Ball Pit for Acacia Activity Zone – $1000.00

Coding with Ozobot at Copper Ridge Elementary – $753.00