Established: 12/08/2020

Presented by: Vail School District Foundation

Summary: To recognize a student that has prepared for the future by investing into their academic, technical, and professional skills in exemplary fashion.

Frequency: One-time

Presentation: Vail Pride Day

Amount: $1,000.00

Background: The economic future for our students has never been more unpredictable. Standing out in the new workforce requires academic knowledge, technical competency, and professional skills. To give themselves a competitive advantage, there are many young people who are putting these skills together to give themselves a competitive advantage in tomorrow’s economy.

Objective: The Trades award will recognize the ways that students have prepared themselves for their future by investing into their academic, technical, and professional skills. This award is presented to an individual who has made an effort in preparing themselves for any path their future may hold. Whether beginning their career after graduation, working while in college, or diversifying their skillset, these students have rigorously prepared themselves for a successful life after high school.

Whom may apply: Any student may apply or any individual employed by the Vail School District may submit an individual to receive this award.


– Recommendation by a Vail School District staff member preferred

– Be a high school senior in the Vail School District

Selection: A selection committee reviews all scholarship applications and forwards recommendations to the VSDF Board which determines which student(s) receive a scholarship.